13th ADWPJJC: Global Champions Crowned After A Thrilling Day Of Matches In The Masters’ Division

Text: Ivan Trindade / Images: Ane Nunest/AJP

The third day of Jiu-Jitsu in the 13th ADWPJJC, this Tuesday, November 16, was entirely devoted to the Masters’ division. Athletes from all over the world came together to test their skills on the mats.

Brown belts and black belts gave their all in search of the ultimate glory. The Masters 1 black belt division was the highlight of the program. Here’s how each weight class final played out.

Master 1 Black Belt


56kg – In four matches, Luiz Ribeiro had total control of the bracket. He won all four matches. He beat Jorge Nakamura 3-0, Marko Oikarainen 7-2, Justin Ordinario 1-0, and finally Andrea Verdemare 2-1.


1st – Luiz Ribeiro (Brazil)

2nd – Marko Oikarainen (Finland)

3rd – Jorge Nakamura (Brazil)

62kg – In three matches, South Korea’s Wanki Chae was very competent to take the title home. He first finished Esmaeel Alfailakawi and Mani Tavanaei. In the final, Chae managed a 2-1 lead over Brazil’s Gabriel Moraes.


1st – Wanki Chae (South Korea)

2nd – Gabriel Moraes (Brazil)

3rd – Antonio Santana (Brazil)

69kg – No easy road for champion Leo Saggioro. He fought four times to claim the gold medal. Saggioro finished Lyndon Quindipan, beat Darragh O’Conaill 5-0 and Osvaldo Moizinho 2-0. In the final, Leo choked Gustavo Carpio for the gold medal.


1st – Leonardo Saggioro (Brazil)

2nd – Gustavo Carpio (Peru)

3rd – Osvaldo Moizinho (USA)

77kg – Four matches on the way to the gold medal. That was Adriano’s path to the title. First, he beat Israel’s David Zaken 1-0, then Portugal’s Delcio Santos 9-0. The semifinal was against Rafael Carvalho, and ended with an 8-4 lead. The gold medal match against Jacob Mackenzie was a tough one, decided only by referee decision after a 0-0 score.


1st – Adriano Araujo (Brazil)

2nd – Jacob Mackenzie (Canada)

3rd – Rafael Carvalho (Brazil)

85kg – No one was able to stop Claudio Calasans Jr. In three matches, he first beat Nathan dos Santos 3-0 and Sergio Rios 5-2. The gold medal match against Spain’s Arturo Salas was close. A 4-2 score was enough for Calasans to celebrate the title.


1st – Claudio Calasans Jr (Brazil)

2nd – Arturo Salas (Spain)

3rd – William Dias (Australia)

94kg – Two matches for the gold medal. Renato Cardoso first finished Maksymilian Wisniewski. In the final, Cardoso met up with Sweden’s Alan do Nascimento. In a tough match, Cardoso was able to build a 5-2 lead for the title.


1st – Renato Cardoso (Brazil)

2nd – Alan do Nascimento (Sweden)

3rd – Arsen Shapiev (Russia)

120kg – Comeback and victory. Igor Silva fought four times on his way to the gold medal. In the group stage, he lost to Felipe Bezerra but was able to qualify for the semifinals. After beating Khasan Varando 2-0, Silva met with Bezerra once again in the final. After a 3-3 tie, Igor took the title home by referee’s decision.


1st – Igor Silva (Brazil)

2nd – Felipe Bezerra (Brazil)

3rd – Khasan Varando (Russia)

Master 1 Brown/Black Belt


49kg – Italy’s Serena Gabrieli had a perfect campaign on her way to the gold medal. She beat Tatiane Nunes 10-1, Emilie Neto 8-0 and finished Vanderlucia Barbosa.


1st – Serena Gabrieli (Italy)

2nd – Emilie Neto (France)

3rd – Vanderlucia Barbosa (Brazil)

55kg – Four matches, four wins in a golden campaign for Ariadne de Oliveira. She finished Liisi Vaht, Clarissa Lacerda and Deborah Gautier, and outscored Rafaela Rosa 2-1.


1st – Ariadne de Oliveira (Brazil)

2nd – rafaela Rosa (Portugal)

3rd – Liisi Vaht (Estonia)

62kg – Marina Ribeiro gave no chance to her opponents. She beat Deborah Costa 15-0 to make it to the semifinals. Then, she finished Russia’s Oksana Bench. The gold medal came with an armbar on Deborah Costa.


1st – Marina Ribeiro (Brazil)

2nd – Deborah Costa (Brazil)

3rd – Eloisa Crespo (Spain)

70kg – Gold medal for Mongolia. In three matches, Buyandelger Battsogt made her way to the top. She beat Italy’s Gabriella Ripepi 5-0 to make it to the semifinals. The spot in the final came with a 1-0 lead over Brazil’s Priscilla Assunção. The gold medal match saw Buyandelger outscore Gabriella 5-0 to celebrate the title.


1st – Buyandelger Battsogt (Mongolia)

2nd – Gabriella Ripepi (Italy)

3rd – Magdalena Loska (Poland)

95kg – Great result for Guinea-Bissau’s Katiuscia Dias. In two matches, she first finished Vanessa Oliveira and then outscored Carina Santi 4-1. 


1st – Katiuscia Dias (Guinea-Bissau)

2nd – Carina Santi (Brazil)

3rd – Vanessa Oliveira (Brazil)

Day 3 also featured other divisions in the master black belt and the master brown belt master. Here are the champions.

Male Black Belt Master 2

62kg – Leandro da Silva (Brazil)

69kg – Thiago Marques (Brazil)

77kg – Antonio Inácio (Brazil)

85kg – Bernardo Campos (Brazil)

94kg – Filipe Bobrik (Brazil)

120kg – Antonio Peinado (Brazil)

Male Black Belt Master 3

62kg – Kuat Sagiyev (Kazakhstan)

69kg – Raphael dos Santos (UK)

77kg – William Couto (Brazil)

85kg – João Luiz dos Santos (Brazil)

94kg – Lucio dos Santos (UK)

120kg – Bruno Bastos (Brazil)

Male Black Belt Master 4

62kg – Sena Munfaredi (Bahrain)

69kg – Keller Barboza (Brazil)

77kg – Hesham Noor (Bahrain)

85kg – Fabiano Tallon (Brazil)

94kg – Pedro Duarte (Brazil)

Click here for the complete results. The 13th ADWPJJC continues this Wednesday, November 17. The adult division comes to the scene. Follow the complete coverage on Instagram. Watch all matches live on YouTube


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