2021 No-Gi Pans Adult Female Black Belt Results

The 2021 IBJJF No-Gi Pans Championship concluded over the weekend, and a new list of champions made their way into jiu-jitsu history.

Among the winners were multiple athletes who had already seen the top of the No-Gi Pans podium, including Mayssa Bastos, Gabi McComb, and Maria Malyjasiak. Black belt standout Kendall Reusing also took home a big win in the super heavyweight division, and Vanessa Griffin earned her first No-Gi Pans gold as a black belt.

The standout competitor, however, was ADCC veteran Elisabeth Clay, who won all six of her matches by submission to win gold in both her division and the absolute category.

The full results for the adult female divisions are found below:

Light Featherweight

  1. Mayssa Bastos
  2. Sofia Amarante
  3. Pati Fontes/ Jessa Khan


  1. Gabi McComb
  2. Patrícia Magalhães
  3. My Bao Nguyen


  1. Nathalie Ribeiro
  2. Sheliah Lindsey
  3. Judith Gomes/Victoria Montrezor


  1. Vanessa Griffin
  2. Erin Johnson

Medium Heavyweight

  1. Elisabeth Clay
  2. Bridget McEliece


  1. Maria Malyjasiak
  2. Maggie Grindatti
  3. Emilly Alves/Elizabeth Mitrovic

Super Heavyweight

  1. Kendall Reusing
  2. Mayara Custódio

Open Weight

  1. Elisabeth Clay
  2. Kendall Reusing
  3. Mayara Custódio/Maria Malyjasiak



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