2021 No-Gi Pans Adult Male Black Belt Results

The 2021 IBJJF No-Gi Pans took place over the weekend, seeing some of the best competitors in jiu-jitsu take to the mats.

Some of the highlights of the event included a heel hook win from roosterweight champion Estevan Martinez-Garcia and a significant (and quick) upset from Diego “Pato” Oliveira, who got a quick kneebar on Joshua Cisneros to win gold in the featherweight division. Familiar stars Paulo MiyaoGianni Grippo, and Victor Hugo also picked up championship titles, and in the absolute division, Atos teammates Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa (who earned silver in the heavyweight division) and Mike Perez closed out their category.

Here are the full black belt adult male results:


  1. Estevan Martinez-Garcia
  2. Roiter Silva Junior
  3. Lee Rosenfield/Santos Rivera

Light Featherweight

  1. Paulo Miyao
  2. Carlos Alberto Silva
  3. Richard “Red” Alarcon/Edwin “Junny” Ocasio


  1. Diego “Pato” Oliveira
  2. Joshua Cisneros
  3. Orlando Castillo/Thiago Abud


  1. Gianni Grippo
  2. Johnny Tama
  3. Deandre Corbe/Kieran Kichuck


  1. Matheus Gabriel
  2. Hugo Marques
  3. Michael Trasso/Joshua Bacallao

Medium Heavyweight

  1. Jefferson Guaresi
  2. Andrew Wiltse
  3. Jaime Canuto/John Combs


  1. Giancarlo Bodoni
  2. Lucas Barbosa
  3. José Bruno Matias/Yuri Santos

Super Heavyweight

  1. Devhonte Johnson
  2. Arnaldo Maidana
  3. Diego Ramalho/Eliot Kelly

Ultra Heavyweight

  1. Victor Hugo
  2. Aaron “Tex” Johnson
  3. Joe Dierkhsing/John Hansen

Open Weight

Lucas “Hulk” Barbosa & Michael Perez close out division
3. Antonio Zuazo/Giancarlo Bodoni



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