21-Year-Old Brown Belt Chase Hooper Gets Heel Hook Win At UFC 256

BJJ brown belt and IBJJF Pans champion Chase Hooper made a serious impression tonight at UFC 256 when his ground game saved the night for him.

Hooper was having a tough time against his opponent, Peter Barrett. In the third round, though, he took a risk that paid off when he decided to take the fight to the ground.

Hooper found the opportunity for a leg entanglement and seized it, landing a few punches in the process as well. He fell to the outside and opened up Barrett’s heel, getting the tap with the heel hook and securing his tenth professional MMA win.

The victory improved Hooper’s professional record to 10-1-1, marking his second win in the UFC. The achievement is all the more remarkable when you consider that Hooper is just 21 years old, having been born in 1999. Feel old yet?


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