F2W 159 Results: Johnny Tama & Jessica Flowers Take-Home Decision Victories In Tough Matches

Fight 2 Win wrapped up a tough year with a great evening at F2W 159, which saw Talita Nogueira face off against Jessica Flowers in a highly technical gi match in the main event of the evening after a very close battle in the co-main event between Johnny Tama and Jackson Nagai.

Co-Main Event

Johnny Tama vs. Jackson Nagai

A double guard pull started the match, with Tama staying down and working his lasso grips while Nagai came up and worked for an armbar. Tama stayed creative with his guard, switching between open, butterfly, spider, lasso, and inverted guards as Nagai tried to pass. Nagai again tried for an armbar, but Tama was ready for it and defended. Nagai briefly got past Tama’s legs, but Tama reguarded and worked for a kneebar, with Nagai making it hard for Tama to straighten out the leg. Nagai tried to jump for a triangle choke,and Tama avoided danger and continued to search for leg opportunities. Nagai tried for his third armbar opportunity of the night; however, neither competitor was able to get a submission before the end of the match.

After time ran out, Tama was awarded the split decision victory.

Main Event

Talita Nogueira vs. Jessica Flowers

After some wrestling on the feet, Nogueira pulled guard and moved to spider guard as Flowers tried to pass. The competitors stayed locked in this passing battle for some time, with Flowers applying heavy pressure to try to fight Nogueira’s formidable guard. With about three and a half minutes left, Flowers stayed dedicated to her pressure passing and finally managed to get past Nogueira’s legs, staying safe from a loop choke attempt in the process. Flowers worked her way around and went for a kimura, which Nogueira defended, and then Nogueira moved into deep half-guard. Flowers stayed on top with heavy pressure, but Nogueira was able to reguard. Nogueira went for a triangle, and Flowers used the opportunity to force her opponent into the turtle. With just seconds left to go, Flowers brought Nogueira back to a seated position right before the clock ran out.

Flowers was awarded the unanimous decision.


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