Kevin Holland Knocks Out Jacare Souza In Round 1 At UFC 256

Kevin Holland secured a quick win against multiple-time IBJJF world champion Ronaldo “Jacare” Souza in a creative and brutal knockout at UFC 256.

Holland came forward right away with strikes and was immediately taken down by Souza. Holland stayed aggressive with big punches and a triangle choke attempt, but Souza defended and worked to pass his opponent’s guard. Holland managed to work his way to his feet and defend another takedown from Souza, working for a guillotine as Souza pushed him against the cage.

Souza escaped the guillotine and took Holland back to the ground inside closed guard. Holland stayed aggressive from his back and landed a solid strike on Souza from guard. Stunned, Souza leaned back on his knees, and Holland seized the opportunity to get up, landing the blow that rendered Souza defenseless as Holland dealt out the final blows of the fight before the referee called it.

Holland was declared the winner by knockout. This marked his fifth fight of the year, all of which he has won.


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