3CG Kumite II Semifinals Results: Fellipe Andrew Vs Victor Hugo

Following an exciting first round and multiple action-packed superfights, the semifinals of 3rd Coast Grappling: Kumite II went down to determine who would be moving on to face each other in the finals and compete for the $1000 prize.

Fellipe Andrew vs. Gustavo Batista

Andrew attempted an Estima lock early on, and although Batista didn’t tap, he seemed to acknowledge that he was momentarily in danger. Batista pulled guard and established solid grips on his opponents pant legs, but Andrew managed to get a hold on one of Batista’s feet and went belly-down. Again, Batista seemed to recognize that he was in trouble, but escaped before he had to tap. Batista resumed playing guard, and although the two went back to the ground right before regulation ended, neither were able to capitalize on it before time ran out.

In overtime, Andrew worked to knee cut past Batista’s guard. After the two were reset, Andrew nearly managed to take Batista’s back, and after some tricky guard manipulation, Batista also nearly took his opponent’s back. Andrew tried a few more time to take the back, but Batista did a good job of flattening himself out to keep his opponent from getting both hooks in. Batista worked from the bottom and came devastatingly close to getting both hooks in to take Andrew’s back with about two minutes left, but Andrew managed to stay afloat.

After the match ended, Andrew was awarded the victory via decision.

Victor Hugo vs. Jonnatas Gracie

The match began with Gracie playing guard and Hugo attacking from the top. The two worked their way to their feet, but after going out of bounds, Gracie once again returned to playing guard. After the competitors once again returned to their feet, Hugo worked his guard against Gracie, and then managed to sweep him and take his back while working for a collar choke. Gracie managed to defend for a few moments, but ultimately tapped.

Hugo was declared the winner via submission, and he will go on to face Fellipe Andrew in the final.


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