3rd Coast Grappling IV To Become Locals-Only Event Over Coronavirus Concerns

Growing concerns over the spread of the coronavirus COVID-19 has been prompting organizations to modify or cancel events. Earlier today, the UAEJJF announced that they were indefinitely postponing all upcoming events (including the World Pro), and grappling promotion 3rd Coast Grappling is the latest to take action to try to stop more people from getting sick.

In an announcement made on social media today, the promotion revealed that their highly anticipated event 3CG IV would be modified due to multiple cases of the coronavirus being announced in Houston, where the event is to be hosted.

In light of the recent events in the context of the footprint expansion of the Coronavirus (COVID-19), our leadership team at 3rd Coast Grappling has made the conscious decision to activate a crisis management process in order to reduce the potential threat of spreading contamination.

This decision includes having to cancel all matches for 3CGIV on March 14th, 2020 that will entail competitors traveling inbound to Texas from other states at this point in time.

This was a difficult decision to make, since the situation is still evolving and there are many unknowns at the moment. We understand this will be a disappointment to all of our competitors and spectators who were preparing for and looking forward to this event. As for business, this will burden us as a grappling promotion financially as well, as we will lose our rights fees from FloGrappling as well as the time and money invested in marketing and promoting the event. We are deeply disappointed to do this to our competitors, but we have a moral obligation and responsibility to protect the health, safety and well-being of the athletes who will perform in the event we are hosting.

For our cancelled matches, if the competitors are still in agreement, our plan is to re-book those matches to a later date, to be determined.

3rd Coast Grappling Team

The decision was a difficult one to make for the stakeholders in the promotion, who have been planning and promoting the event for months. Promotor Ryan McGuire told the Jiu-Jitsu Times, “This decision wasn’t easy, but we do believe it was the right one. We still plan to bring you amazing events the rest of the year and keep pushing the envelope the best we can.”

The modified lineup is now as follows:

Third Coast Grappling Royale

William Tackett vs Steffan Banta-No time limit sub only

Andrew Tackett challenge

Thiago Macedo vs Jacob Allphin

Morgan Gale/Patrick Pena vs Timmy Cundiff/Tess Dula

Moses Cabrera/Brody Banks vs Kevin Entrades/Jose Aguilar kids tag team

Brian Marvin vs Efrain Rodriguez

Claudio Caloquinha vs Marcus Antelante

Thiago Macedo vs Jacob Allphin

Danny Duckworth vs Joel Heinen

Arian De Melo vs Joao Matos

Lisa Do vs Camila Lopez

Alejandro Soberon vs Michael Salazar

Niles Peebles vs Tevin Sandoval

Brandon Gambucci vs Cody Owens

Eric Casiano vs Daniel Lugar

Josh Dawson vs JT Little

Victor Cantu vs Nathan Lee

Marko Vasquez vs Anthony Olivas

3CG IV will still go down on March 14 in Houston, Texas.


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