Sapateiro Invitational Promoter Josh Leduc Selling Coffee to Raise Money for Substars Competitors

In the wake of Substars collapse, many of the competitors are being left high and dry by the organization’s inability to pay the money promised to them.  One promoter has taken it on himself to pick up his colleague’s slack. 

Josh Leduc, the promoter of the Sapateiro Invitational, has several side businesses including the Wicked Warrior coffee brand.  Upon hearing about the competitors’ plight, Leduc stepped up to the plate releasing a limited run “Pay Up B*tches” blend, all profits of which will go to the competitors starting with one who was injured in the event.

Josh’s motivation behind helping the competitors out is a noble one.

“I know almost all of them personally, and most of them don’t have schools or financial stability to fall back on from the incompetence. A lot of these guys are competing and their purses are their livelihood or cover necessities. Not to mention when one promoter fucks up it makes the rest of us look like shit.  I have my coffee company that created a blend of coffee with 100% of the profits going to an account where we will give it to the fighters and charities that were screwed over. I’m also making shirts and rashguards with profits going to this cause as well.”

Josh has a possible solution to this all too frequent problem and a stern message to jiu-jitsu event promoters

“I really think we should be having the promoters put funds in an escrow account to pay fighters like the commission in MMA makes them do. That’s the only way we can be positive everyone gets paid. Maybe we don’t do it across the board but for events that are still new it’s a good idea. Legit promoters like Seth, Ryan, and myself have killed ourselves to make sure the guys and girls get paid. Even if it means going into debt, selling some of our own shit, whatever it takes to do right by the competitors.”

If you are interested in checking out this limited edition of Wicked Warrior Coffee it can be found here


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