4 Self-Defense Techniques Women Should Know

BJJ is more than just jiu-jitsu tournaments and sport techniques to use against your classmates. The roots of jiu-jitsu lie in self-defense. And perhaps there is no group of people who need to learn self-defense more than women.

Here are four important BJJ techniques for women’s self defense:

Defense Against Choke On Ground

If a bad guy gets a female on her back, it is a dangerous situation for her. BJJ equips a woman to use the power of her legs to defend the choke and free herself from a bad situation.

Defense Against Hair Pull – Guard Position

When I asked some different male BJJ competitors how they would deal with a hair grab and dragging, they had no idea! The awesome Gracie brothers have the best advice for this common street situation for women with longer hair.

Standing Armpit Armbar – Waki Gatame

If you can avoid going to the ground in a street situation, you should escape the grab while standing. This technique is classic, old school self-defense. It’s easy to learn and easy to remember.


Wrist Release / Grip Break

Attackers will often grab a woman’s wrist in order to instill fear. It may also be to steal┬ásomething such as an iPhone. Women should know the basics of breaking wrist grabs.

Please share this post with your female friends to show them how BJJ can help them defend themselves.


  1. These are some great tips for woman in self defense. My wife has been looking into this, so I thought I’d do some research as well. She has really long hair, so she’ll appreciate the video you have for defense! I’ll show this to her.


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