Girl Bully’s Foot Soldier Gets Schooled in Standing Chokes

Not that anyone reading this needs telling, but just in case: Never let a gal drag you into a fight you’re not actually a part of. Cuz…

…here’s the setup. Gal is very unhappy with Guy A. She brings Guy B along for moral support and subliminal muscle as she verbally berates, gives the middle finger to, and slaps Guy A. Guy A for the most part just deals with it, since he’s just trying to walk home from school and there’s a lot of people looking. Gal gets more aggressive in her taps and slaps, to the point Guy A starts to protest. When he does, Guy B swings for the sucker punch. Guy A, off kilter, retaliates but fails to do so effectively, and lands on the ground. Guy B, high on adrenaline, gets overconfident and kind of lunges madly at Guy A. But Guy B has apparently been missing the warmups at his local grappling school…and also the rest of class after that, since he both lands in a standing RNC and then flails in the hapless way people who are being choked for the very first time tend to do. It doesn’t take long after that:

It ends extra poorly for Guy B, as Gal barely checks on his prone body on the ground, opting to leave her man behind and continue to pursue Guy A. It’s a cold world out there y’all. Protect your necks. (And chose your bosses wisely.)


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