Devin Powell Chokes Marcus Surin Into An Alternate Dimension

Marcus Surin is a tough S.O.B. So much so that even after Devin Powell choked him basically unconscious he kept fighting tonight, shooting in for a single leg on the ref at Bellator 232’s display in Connecticut.

Powell’s Bellator debut after his release from the UFC, the lightweight match promised high level grappling, putting former D1 wrestler and longtime submission veteran Surin against the BJJ black belt and owner of Nostos MMA. After a first round which saw Surin dominant in takedowns but Powell equally destructive landing blows from his back, round two started off with Surin securing yet another takedown just 18 seconds after the bell and then another a minute later. Powell continued to look sharky and comfortable off his back, delivering more blows before both fighters got back to their feet. But this time, Powell saw it coming.

As he shot in again for a single, Powell caught Surin in a front choke, forcing his opponent to the ground before driving a big, meaty shoulder into his windpipe. Surin threw a thumbs up, but you can see it crash land like a zeppelin on fire just before Powell starts yelling “He’s out! He’s out!”

Out, yes. Defeated? No:

When you do it so often you can do it in your sleep…

Congratulations to both fighters for a hell of a prelim match.


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