7-Year-Old Boy Dies After Being Thrown 27 Times By Coach & Students In Judo Class

Pixabay: quangduc

A seven-year-old boy in Taiwan has been taken off life support after suffering severe brain hemorrhaging in an April 21 judo class in which he was thrown to the ground 27 times.

The BBC reported the boy’s passing after initial reports from the Taiwan News and the Taipei Times.

The boy reportedly attended a judo class on April 21, with his uncle watching and filming the class to show the boy’s mother that the classes may have been “unsuitable” for the child. The video reportedly shows the boy being thrown multiple times by an older teammate and screaming. The coach, who is reportedly in his late 60s, then tells the younger boy to stand up, ordering the older boys to keep throwing him. The coach then throws the boy himself, and the young child eventually went unconscious; the coach then accused the boy of faking unconsciousness.

The boy later went into a coma and was put on life support for 70 days at the Fengyuan Hospital. Earlier this week, though, his blood pressure and heart rate began dropping, and his parents made the decision to take him off life support.

The coach has been charged with “physical assault resulting in serious injury and using a minor to commit a crime,” though the Taiwan Times has said that that charge will likely change to “injury causing death” given the boy’s passing. He was released on bail earlier this month.


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