9th-Degree BJJ Red Belt Armando Wridt Has Passed Away At Age 94

Image Source: Armando Wridt via Instagram

Yesterday, it was revealed that 94-year-old Grand Master Armando Wridt had passed away.

The news was first shared on the Constrictor Team’s social media; the team’s leader, Ataide Junior, comes from Wridt’s instructional lineage.

Wridt was a ninth-degree red belt who’s been promoted by Helio Gracie himself. Born in 1924, he was an original student of the Gracies in Brazil, and later in life, he became an advocate for non-violence. While he understandably decreased the intensity and frequency of his jiu-jitsu training as grew older, Wridt was still filmed coaching just earlier this year.

Defesa pesoal – Jiu-jitsu

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Posted by Jiu-Jitsu Grande Mestre Armando Wriedt on Sunday, February 3, 2019


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