BJJ Fanatics Offers Instructional To Uber Driver Attacked By Woman

Photo: msorico_

Co-founder of the BJJ Fanatics website Michael Zenga has made an offer to an Atlanta Uber driver Yasser Hadi who was recently attacked by a woman on the street. The black belt made a Facebook post offering the man a $250 gift certificate to the BJJ Fanatics store as a way to give the man the ability to defend himself in the future.

“The technology is there to stop such an emasculation, we’d like to share it with him,” Zenga said. Hadi was filmed being attacked on August 18 in midtown Atlanta while in his car. According to Hadi she came up and started jumping on the hood of his car unprovoked. She then tried entering the car through the driver side door, beginning to attack Hadi. He threw her to the ground, but she quickly got up and started punching him, prompting Hadi got put her in a front headlock. Here she started viscously biting him in his pectoral muscle, eliciting loud screams of pain from the driver. The video then ends and Police arrest the woman

“It’s horrible, she’s hit me in my job, my health and my financial pocket money, it’s hard,” Hadi told WAGA reporters.

In addition to the offer made by Zenga, a Go Fund Me has been set up in Hadi’s name to help cover medical expenses. You can donate here.


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