Nicky Rod Takes Voluntary PED Test, Which Appears to Confirm Claims of Being “Natty”

Photo By: Kitt Canaria

In response to recent speculation and accusations regarding the use of PEDs, Nicholas “Nicky Rod” Rodriguez of B-Team voluntarily submitted to a blood and urine test for banned substances, per Jits Magazine.

Fitness YouTuber “Derek,” better known as “More Plates More Dates” — a channel dedicated to fitness, self-improvement, and from time to time, “natty or not” speculation regarding athletes and other public figures with famous physiques — published a video on March 20 diving into Rodriguez’s results.

According to the video, Nicky Rod was “probably natural within a reasonable timeframe [previous to his match against Gordon Ryan]” and appears to currently remain natural. Moreover, test results seem to suggest that Rodriguez is also unlikely to have ever historically engaged in PED use. In other words, the B-Team star has likely been natural for the whole of his athletic career.

In response to the “More Plates More Dates” video, the self-proclaimed “Natty King” posted a video of his own to the B-Team YouTube channel. “After further review, we found out and came to the conclusion that Nicky Rod is indeed a natural athlete,” says Rodriguez on camera. “That means that for years prior, months prior, I’ve been competing against, beating the best guys in the grappling world — the best enhanced guys in the grappling world — as a natural athlete.”

Check out the full video here.


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