Black Belt Haisam Rida Breaks Down Altercation With Thief: “I Just Held Him Down, and Handed Him Over to the Cops”

Haisam Rida of B-Team went viral a couple weeks ago, thanks to video footage depicting the aftermath of an altercation between himself and a thief who allegedly attempted to rob his car. More recently, B-Team released a video on their official YouTube channel breaking down the incident.

“Footsweep, back take, rear naked choke, knee on belly,” Rida summarized succinctly, when asked to describe how he subdued the thief.

“I was just taking a nap inside the office, and I think I might have left the car door unlocked, you know — my mistake,” recounted Rida in the video interview. When a man was spotted on security cameras in the back of Rida’s parked car, digging through his personal belongings, the jiu-jitsu star took swift action.

He chased after the man, who had fled the scene with Rida’s personal belongings — including his passport and wallet — in tow.

“I footswept him; he fell to the ground, but kept trying to move, trying to escape,” said Rida. “So, I rear naked choked him from behind.”

When the police arrived on the scene, the thief allegedly tried to make the altercation appear more violent than it was, feigning unconsciousness — but the officers, according to Rida, weren’t fooled. “[The cops] deal with guys like that all the time,” said Rida.

“The cops just told me, ‘Good job’ for holding him down, and that I had every right to [protect my property]. Whatever I would have done to him, I would have had full rights, but I didn’t — I just held him down, and handed him over to the cops.”

Check out the full video here.


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