Street Altercation With BJJ Black Belt Breaks Out in Front of Jiu-Jitsu Academy’s “Free Trial Class” Sign

It’s a truth universally acknowledged that any time jiu-jitsu techniques make an appearance in a street fight where cameras are present, the footage will inevitably go viral. Such was the fate of jiu-jitsu black belt Trevor Cooper, who was filmed in a scrap that recently broke out — right in front of a jiu-jitsu academy, no less. More than one viewer has remarked on the unintentional black humor of the “free trial class” sign for a 10th Planet academy in the background of the fight.

Renzo Gracie, infamous for his own share of street fights, took to Instagram to post about the altercation, writing, “It’s wise to think twice before crossing paths with a Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu black belt, especially someone like our boy [Trevor Cooper]. Our advice is to walk away from a street fight, just as he attempted to do before being attacked by a significantly larger aggressor. Well done for handling the situation effectively. Oss.”


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