A Great Roll

Photo by: @stewartandconnie

The round timer sounds to signal the end of the last roll and it is time to catch your breath, retrieve your belt Р which had been lost in the fracas Рand gulp down some water.

You had some great rolls today.

Matched up against some training partners of similar experience, the matches are give and take. You gained a dominant position only to be reversed soon after. When neither side can secure a definite advantage, it is a great workout with so many changes in position.

You may have had some success with a technique you had been drilling in secret, and you were ready to take it live today. Success! This new move proved itself in live rolling and looks like it will become part of your game.

That sweep you were eager to try did not work as planned. You didn’t try it with the correct timing and forgot to control their arm and they posted.

There is some valuable feedback on what you need to correct next time.

You had a roll against a less experienced white belt and were able to work on your offense. Your opponent fell for the same choke setup three times. You have sharpened one of the best submissions that you have in your A Game.

What other techniques might work well in combination with that successful choke? Was there any counter your opponent tried that gave you some trouble?

You had a high tempo roll against one of the skilled black belts, and you seemed to be behind constantly in the match.

You tapped to that omoplata twice and now know that it was a mistake to put your hands on the mat when passing. You won’t make that mistake next time!

You were on the defensive for most of the roll and reminded yourself to relax and breath in some tight positions. Look for a technical escape and try not to use strength. You are feeling more composed on the bottom and not leaving easy openings for your opponent.

You rolled against three different levels of opponents and you enjoyed and learned from all three.

That is a great day of training!


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