Actor Jonathan Lipnicki Earns Black Belt

Earlier this month, actor and producer Jonathan Lipnicki was awarded his BJJ black belt by his instructor Tim Bond. The Stuart Little star has been training on and off for the past 14 years according to his Instagram post.

Making his name as a child actor in films like Jerry Maguire and Like Mike, Lipnicki has stayed committed to training into adulthood. In a 2017 interview with TooFab, Lipnicki revealed that his success on screen led to intense bullying in school for years.

“As a kid-teen I was made fun of relentlessly by some people who are now even my friends on FB. I was told I was a has-been and would never book a job again,” Lipnicki said in a now deleted Instagram post.

Taking up grappling at 15, Lipnicki transformed himself from the blonde child star into a jacked martial artist with a cool tattoo. Essentially the thing we all want to do.

As impressive an accomplishment this is you have to wonder, could he last 30 seconds against BJJ phenom Ashton Kutcher?

Polaris, get on that match please.


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