SubStars Jiu-Jitsu Full Results: Gordon Ryan Vs Tex Johnson

Well, it looks like Gordon is here to stay.

Sub Stars just wrapped a night of incredible BJJ (and Sumo for some reason) live from the Filmore on Miami Beach. We got to see the highest levels of play from some of the biggest names in both gi and no-gi for no points till overtime matchups. All spearheaded by late main event replacements Goron “The King” Ryan and Aaron “Tex” Johnson. And there were so, so many star-studded submissions.

Nicky Ryan taking out JZ Cavalcante via heel hook in the prelims. Nicky Rodriguez tapping Roosevelt Sousa with a nasty RNC three minutes into the match. Luiza Montiero subbing Maggie Grindatti with a heel hook IN THE GI?!? Madness.

Though the main event was a treat, it’s impossible to overlook the absolute war between Cyborg and Rafael Lovato Jr. in the co-main event. These freaks of nature exploded for 24 minutes, seven overtime extensions total.

Cyborg executed several perfect footsweeps throughout the match, never relenting with the top pressure or the passing attempts. Lovato seemed to forget that he’d been focused on MMA for the past few years, and showcased ridiculously unfair guard retention and a relentless search for submissions. If you blinked, it seemed one would always be just about to defeat the other before some crazy slick movement got them back to where they started. I almost didn’t want it to end.

But with the first point awarding you victory in overtime, Cyborg’s eventual takedown of Lovato ended the match and allowed my heart rate to return to normal.

Though much more reasonably paced, the main event was still a sight to see. Ryan being in top position as Tex pulled guard, we got to see how seamlessly Ryan can deal with lesser leg attacks and work to the mount. Expecting more animosity given the level of trash talk leading up to the match, Ryan and tex both portrayed calm composure as they tried to solve the problems keeping them from victory. Tex exploded out of a head and arm choke attempt, but Ryan was quick to defend the leg and re-establish his dominant position.

Passing single leg-x back to mount, Ryan put on a tighter head and arm choke to get the tap.

Not one to remain silent in victory, Ryan revealed in the post-fight that his earlier claims of retirement were a ruse to get him more face time in the media. No word yet on his plans after his upcoming match with Pat Downey at The BJJ Fanatics Grand Prix.

More updates to follow.

Full Card Results:

  • Jacob Brown defeats Julian JP Perez via points on OT
  • Hector Acosta defeats Carlos Andrade via points on OT
  • Jasmine Rocha defeats Nathalia Santoro via points on OT
  • Andy Perez submits Alex Moran via guillotine
  • Eduardo Roque defeats Felipe Porto Schiavon via points (regulation)
  • Mauricio Gomez Submits Josh Garcia via leglock
  • Roberto Jimenez defeats Dan Martinez via points on OT
  • Enrico Cocco defeats Ethan Crelinsten via ref dec
  • Ana Vieira Submits Vedha Toscano via kneebar
  • Nicky Ryan submits Gesias Cavacante via heelhook
  • Vagner Rocha defeats Thiago Moises via points
  • Nick Rodriguez submits Roosevelt Sousa
  • Fellipe Andrew submits Patrick Gaudio via footlock
  • Roberto “Cyborg” Abreu defeats Rafael Lovato Jr via points on OT
  • Gordon “The King” Ryan submits Aaron “Tex” Johnson


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