Actor Tom Hardy Becomes Head Ambassador For REORG Jiu-Jitsu Foundation

Image Source: Royal Marines Jiu-Jitsu via Instagram

Earlier this month, Tom Hardy was officially named as the Head Ambassador for the REORG, which is a nonprofit that serves the Royal Marines Jiu-Jitsu Association.

The actor, who has played a prominent role in numerous movies including The Dark Knight Rises and, more recently, Venom, has been one of multiple celebrities who have been known to hit the mats. It’s been no secret that he’s trained martial arts with the Royal Marines for some time now, and he’s been an open supporter of their jiu-jitsu charity organization, REORG.

In association with the We Defy Foundation, the UK-based REORG aims to help combat veterans improve their physical and mental recovery through jiu-jitsu. You can learn more about the organization through the Royal Marines Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Association.


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