ADCC 2015 Sao Paulo LIVE Chat Results


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  1. First Match Of The Day: Special Match Between Eduardo Mangaravite Vs Yves Carbinatti (Yves Carbinatti Won by Choke)

Jiu-Jitsu Times Live Update FIRST ROUND

Male +99kg

  1.  Dean Lister vs. Lee Hyoung (Winner Dean Lister by Armlock)
  2. Vinny Magalhaes vs. Paul Ardilia (Winner Vinny Magalhaes by heel hook)
  3. Janne-Pella vs. Orlando Sanchez (Winner Orlando Sanchez)
  4. Rodrigo Cavaca vs. Hideki Sekine (Winner Rodrigo Cavaca By Ref Dec)
  5. Jared Dopp vs. Gabriel Lucas (Winner Jared Dopp)
  6. Juskowiak Mateusz vs. A. Marte (Winner Abraham Marte)
  7. Joao Rocha vs. Jason Lees (Winner Joao Rocha)
  8. Rodrigo Artilheiro vs. Leonardo Lucio (Winner Rodrigo Artilheiro)


Male -99kg

  1. Joao Assis vs. T. Narkun (Winner Joao Assis)
  2. Felipe Pena vs. Roberto Alencar ( Winner Felipe Pena)
  3. Kamil Uminski vs. Tom DeBlass (Winner Kamil Uminski)
  4. Alexandre Ribeiro vs. Yakiyasu Ozawa (Winner Alexandre Ribeiro By Omoplata)
  5. Jason Bukich vs. Hector Lombard (Winner Hector Lombard)
  6. Lukasz Michalec vs. Jimmy Friedrich (Winner Jimmy Friedrich)
  7. Rodolfo Vieira vs. Adam Sachnoff (Winner Rodolfo Vieira By Arm Triangle)
  8. Tobias G. vs. Cassio da Silva (Winner Cassio da Silva)

Male -88kg

  1. Romulo Barral vs. Craig Jones (Winner Romulo Barral By Kimura)
  2. Neiman Gracie vs. Ezra Lenon (Winner Neiman Gracie By Kneebar)
  3. Pablo Popovitch vs. Zbigniew Tyszka (Winner Pablo Popovitch)
  4. Rafael Lovato vs. Hidemi Mihara (Winner Rafael Lovato By Points)
  5. Ricardo Mesquita vs. Yuri Simoes (Winner Yuri Simoes)
  6. Keenan Cornelius vs. Jesse Urholin (Winner Keenan Cornelius
  7. Mike Perez vs. Claudio Calasans (Winner Claudio Calasans)

Male -77kg

  1. Otavio Souza vs. AJ Agazarm (Winner By RNC)
  2. Lucas Lepri vs. Gamrot Mateusz (Winner Lucas Lepri)
  3. Dillon Danis vs. Garry Tonon (Winner Garry Tonon By Kneebar)
  4. Milton Vieira vs. Vagner Rocha
  5. Davi Ramos vs. Young am Noh
  6. Enrico Cocco vs. Gabriel Rollo (Winner Gabriel Rollo)
  7. Gilbert Burns vs. Lachlan Giles (Winner
  8. Ben Henderson vs. Abdukadirov Magomed

Male -66kg

  1. Rubens Charles vs. Tezekbaev Rasul (Winner Rubens Charles By RNC)
  2. Gianni Grippo vs. Gabriel Marangoni (Winner By RNC)
  3. Augusto Mendes vs. Nicolas Renier (Winner Augusto Mendes)
  4. Asadulaev Surkhay vs. Edward Cummings (Winner Eddie Cummings By Heel Hook)
  5. Bruno Frazzato vs. Mark Ramos (Winner Bruno Frazzato)
  6. Yuto Hirao vs. Renan Sancar (Winner Renan Sancar)
  7. Jeff Glover vs. Daniel Hortegas (Winner Jeff Glover By Heel Hook)
  8. Alexandre Vieira vs. Geovanny Martinez (Winner Geovanny Martinez By Triangle Armbar)

Female +60kg

  1. Gabrielle Garcia vs. Alison Tremblay (Winner Gabrielle Garcia)
  2. Jessica Oliveira vs. Marysia Malyjasiak (Winner Jessica Oliveira)
  3. Ana Lauta Cordeiro vs. Sophia Nordeno (Winner Ana Lauta)
  4. Fernanda Mazelli vs. Amanda Santana

Female -60kg

  1. Michelle Nicolini vs. Rikako Yuasa (Winner Michelle Nicolini)
  2. Ana Michelle Tavares vs. Tammi Masumeci (Winner Tammi Masumeci)
  3. Mackenzie Dern vs. KEthe Engen (Winner Mackenzie Dern By Toe Hold)
  4. Beatriz Mesquita vs. Mayra Mazza (Winner Beatriz Mesquita By Armlock)


Jiu-Jitsu Times Live Update Round 2

Male +99kg

  1. Orlando Sanchez vs Dean Lister (Winner Orlando Sanchez By ref’s decision)
  2. Rodrigo Cavaca vs Jared Dopp (Winner Jared Dopp)
  3. Vinny Magalhaes vs Rodrigo Artilheiro (Winner Vinny Magalhaes By Twister)
  4. Joao Rocha vs Abraham Marte (Winner Joao Rocha)

Male -99kg

  1. Felipe Pena vs Jimmy Friedrich (Winner Felipe Pena Via Triangle choke)
  2. Joao Assis vs Kamil Uminski  (Winner Joao Assis :Injured)
  3. Alexandre Ribeiro vs Hector Lombard (Winner Alexandre Ribeiro via ref’s decision)
  4. Rodolfo Vieira vs Cassio da Silva (Winner Rodolfo Vieira via RNC)

Male -88kg

  1. Romulo Barral vs Neiman Gracie (Winner Romulo via Kimura)
  2. Yuri Simoes vs Zbigniew Tyszka (Winner Yuri Simoes)
  3. Keenan Cornelius vs Claudio Calasans (Keenan Cornelius via points)
  4. Rafael Lovato vs Rustam Chsiev (Winner Rustam Chsiev via ref’s decision)

Male -77kg

  1. Otavio Souza vs Vagner Rocha (Winner Otavio Souza ref’s decision)
  2. Lucas Lepri vs Garry Tonon (Winner Lucas Lepri via points)
  3. Gilbert Burns vs Abdukadirov Magomed (Winner Gilbert Burns)

Male -66kg

  1. Rubens Charles vs Gianni Grippo (Winner Rubens Charles via points)
  2. Eddie Cummings vs Augusto Mendes (Winner Augusto Mendes via points)
  3. Geo Martinez vs Jeff Glover (Winner Geo Martinez via points)
  4. Bruno Frazzato vs Renan Sancar (Winner Bruno Frazzato)



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