ADCC’s Head Organizer, Mo Jassim, Earns Jiu-Jitsu Black Belt On Stage

Mo Jassim was a busy man this weekend. Not only was he overseeing the kick-off of ADCC World Championships with nearly 11,000 fans in attendance, but he also received his BJJ Black Belt smack-dab in the middle of it, on stage during the Hall of Fame ceremony.

Jassim says that he fell in love with the sport after witnessing ADCC in 2000 and has now been training for 19 years.

Training credentials aside, the things that he’s done for the sport can’t be overlooked, with this weekend’s event as a testament to his commitment. As ADCC’s Head Organizer, Jassim was leading the largest grappling event in modern history. The size and extent of the production would rival MMA and Boxing PPV’s, and his efforts of garnering celebrity attention paid dividends as plenty of recognizable faces were spotted in the crowd, such as Joe Rogan, Tony Hinchcliffe, Henry Cejudo, Nate Diaz, Mario Lopez, The Liver King, and many more.

Jassim paid his gratitude for the promotion with a post on social media, 

“19 years later and I got my black belt finally. I fell in love with this sport 22 years ago after I witnessed ADCC 2000. Ever since then a day hasn’t gone by where I didn’t think of grappling.

I would like to thank Chewy Ybarra who helped me advance to blue belt in 2006. Also ADCC judges Peter and George who helped improve grappling game considerably. I need to also thank all the athletes who were nice enough to roll with me and advance my game, Mike Perez, Gordon, Kit Dale, Nicky Ryan, Ethan, Craig, Danaher and of course JT Torres. Can’t wait to get back in shape and do ADCC opens myself.

P.S. That was an awesome feeling getting my belt like that, thank you”

Congratulations, Mo! And thank you for what you’re doing for the sport.


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