ADCC 2021 Promised To Be “More Than Double What 2019 Was”

Photo: Jiu-Jitsu Times/Kitt Canaria

If you watched ADCC 2019 from either your home or in person, you know that it was, for lack of a better word, bananas. The event was unquestionably the most entertaining that ADCC had ever put on, with top-level organization, production, and athleticism on display for the entire grappling world. And if you thought that was impressive, head organizer Mo Jassim has promised that the next event, set to happen in 2021, is going to be even better.

Jassim released a statement on his Instagram story today making some impressive promises about next year’s event, adding that it will be the last time he’ll host the elite tournament. He also said that all the details should be finalized this month and listed a loose timeline for when to expect the Trials to take place.

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ADCC Worlds 2021 will be finalized this month 100%. The venu is world class, we will have sh*t loads of pyro, lasers, ADCC billboards on the Las Vegas strip and a performer, this will be more than double what 2019 was.

In terms of invites, unless you are the current world champion or place in top 4 in 2019, I wouldn’t bank on an invite. For invites the main criteria will be the following in no particular order, 1) ex ADCC champion, 2) have won previous trials, 3) have medaled before at ADCC, 4) have competed in ADCC before, 5) Did this years and next years trials.

As of now Europe trials start in October, USA November, Asia in December and Brazil early next year, so start preparing when you can. Since this will be my last ADCC I am treating this as my mic drop event, this one will be for the history books

If you have hopes of making it to the biggest event in the sport of grappling, make sure you keep the approximate Trials dates in mind so you can prepare accordingly.


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