ADCC Announces Day-Before Weigh-Ins for Trials, Effective Immediately

ADCC Trials will now allow weigh-ins the night before competition, effective immediately, per an official announcement by the organization. The change to weigh-in policy, which previously only allowed for morning-of weigh-ins, takes place just in time for the 2023 ADCC European Trials, which are scheduled to start in Poland on September 16.

The weekend weigh-in schedule for ADCC European Trials this year will include both an 8 PM to 10 PM window the Friday night before at the arena, and a 7 AM to 9 AM window the Saturday morning of the competition.

The change to weigh-in policy has been greeted with mixes responses from the jiu-jitsu community, with some athletes pleased to have more time to cut more weight, and other dismayed at the inevitability of heavier athletes entering the lighter divisions. Grappling aficionados will no doubt be observing ADCC’s upcoming competitive events with interest, especially since the organization’s new weigh-in policy also accompanies the arrival of new weight divisions for female athletes.


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