ADCC Officially Adds Third Weight Class for Women’s Division

ADCC, which has historically only offered two weight classes for female competitors, has — by popular demand — officially added a third weight class for the ladies.

Previously, the only two divisions for women were under 60 kilograms (approximately 132 pounds or so), or over 60 kilograms. It was a situation that put roosterweight powerhouses like Mayssa Bastos at a significant size disadvantage against their featherweight and lightweight counterparts, and essentially turned the +60kg women’s division into an unofficial absolute division.

For comparison, over in the men’s division, ADCC Trials and Worlds currently boasts a total of five weight classes, plus the absolute division.

In an attempt to address this disparity, the new weight classes for women at ADCC Trials and Worlds will now be -55kg (approximately 121 lbs), -65kg (approximately 143 lbs), and +65kg.


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