Felipe Pena to Follow Up Craig Jones Match With Showdown Against B-Team’s Haisam Rida

Felipe Pena has got his hands full with B-Team foes this summer. In addition to his highly publicized superfight against the B-Team leader himself, Craig Jones, on June 29 via UFC Fight Pass Invitational, Pena will also be taking on Jones’ teammate, Haisam Rida, at Tezos WNO on August 10, per FloGrappling.

Haisam Rida, though perhaps not quite as famous as Jones or Pena, has steadily grown his fanbase in the wake of his highlight reel-worthy armbar of Cyborg Abreu at ADCC 2022, as well as some recent street justice against a would-be thief who ill-advisedly broke into the B-Team black belt’s car.


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