ADCC North American Trials Registration Announcement with Tom DeBlass

This year’s ADCC North American Trials Event Coordinator, Tom DeBlass reached out to Jiu Jitsu Times with this exclusive video to share the announcement that registration is now open for the November 19th event a full seven months in advance.  Check out the video and the links below for more information.  

Event Details:

November 19th, Bayville New Jersey USA                     

Central Regional High School                          

Registration Fee: $95 – Paid online via Paypal
Spectators Fee: $15 – Cash at Door

Register for ADCC North American Trials 2016 Here!

Key Points from the Video:

  • ADCC 2017 will be in Finland
  • ADCC North American Trials will be Nov. 19th in Bayville, New Jersey
  • Registration is now open.
  • Should you compete?  If you are a competitor, of course, you should compete on the highest grappling stage.
  • As Tom DeBlass says, all you need is one good day and you can be North American Champion and win an all expenses paid trip to Finland in 2017.

Get more information from the ADCC FB page here:  ADCC North American Facebook Page

Follow the ADCC FB page here:  ADCC Facebook

Follow ADCC North American Trial Event Coordinator Tom DeBlass here:  Tom DeBlass FB




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