ADCC Results: Marcus ‘Buchecha’ Outscores Orlando Sanchez To Become +99kg Champion

ADCC Worlds 2017 Finland ADCC Results
ADCC Worlds 2017 Finland

Marcus “Buchecha” Almeida has won the biggest division in ADCC after outscoring Orlando Sanchez.

Buchecha shot in, but Orlando sprawled on him. However, Sanchez ended up on his back as Marcus tried to pass. He then moved to Orlando’s back. He got his legs around Sanchez, but because it was in the first ten minutes, no points were earned.

Orlando struggled his way out as the clock wound down to the 12-minute mark. Buchecha accidentally head butted Sanchez, and Orlando had to be bandaged up. Almedia shot in, and Orlando locked in a front head lock. The two were back up on their feet shortly after, though.

Congrats #F2WPRO Veteran and 2017 ADCC Champion Marcus Almeida Buchecha!

Posted by Seth Daniels on Sunday, September 24, 2017

Marcus faked up and down, but didn’t fool Sanchez. Orlando then locked in a body lock but pushed Almeida off the mats. Sanchez went for the body lock again, showing nice combinations of going high to low.

Buchecha shot in but Orlando once again almost got a front head lock. Minutes later he did the same, and once again Sanchez sprawled on him. Orlando then returned with a takedown attempt, but Marcus hit the front headlock. Despite Romulo Barral’s demands to stay on his feet, Sanchez went to his knees and Almeida moved to his back, locking his feet together in order to score some points in the last minute.

Orlando did not have time to do anything except watch his chances of becoming the next ADCC Champion disappear.



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