Yuri Simoes Tops Felipe Pena To Become Two-Time ADCC Champion!

Yuri Simoes is the new -99 ADCC Champion!

Simoes took on Felipe Pena in the ADCC Finals.

Pena grabbed a single, but Yuri scrambled his way out. The two went back to the clinch, grinding each other’s foreheads together. Pena put on the pressure as the two fought for underhooks.

At the 12-minute mark, Yuri took the back but both remained standing. They went to the ground and Pena was on his back. Yuri began attackng the feet as the points portion of the match started.

Pena chose to stay on the ground. The two ended up in 50/50 and Simoes went for a straight ankle lock, but couldn’t get anything. Simoes then used his knee shield to keep Pena at bay. Yuri scrambled up to his feet.
Yuri went to Felipe’s back and suplexed him, but couldn’t keep him down. Two minutes in and Simoes was up by two. In the last minute, Pena tried to grab a leg, but couldn’t get anything.

Yuri Simoes is now the two-time ADCC Champion!


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