Gordon Ryan Taps Keenan Cornelius To Become New -88kg ADCC Champion

Gordon Ryan ADCC

Gordon Ryan is the new ADCC -88 Champion, earning a huge win over longtime rival Keenan Cornelius.

Gordon tried to take down Keenan, but landed on his back. He and Cornelius then got right back up. Keenan grabbed Ryan’s leg and tried to take him down, but Gordon rolled out. Gordon then hit an outside single shortly after the five-minute mark, putting Cornelius on his back. Gordon tried to pass and then take the back, but couldn’t get anything.

The two went back to their feet shortly before the 10-minute mark. Keenan shot in for a single, but Gordon grabbed his neck. He then took Keenan to the ground with his arm in deep under Cornelius’ neck and forced the tap from mount.

I will just leave this here, I feel like my own kid or brother won ADCC. So much love for Gordon Ryan and I am so proud.

Posted by Tom DeBlass on Sunday, September 24, 2017



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