ADCC Results: JT Torres Scores Last Minute Points To Become New -77kg Champion!

JT Torres is the new -77 ADCC Champion.

Torres took on Lucas Lepri.

The two started out in the collar tie. Six minutes in, a scramble ensued and they went off the mats. At around the 12-minute mark, Lepris hit a single leg and took Torres down. JT kicked out and got back up shortly after, though.
The 10-minute mark passed and JT shot in for a takedown, but Lepris sprawled. Minutes later, Torres shot in again, but Lucas slipped out. Lepri went for a single then tried to take the back, but couldn’t hit anything. JT returned with a single of his own.

Still, at the five-minute mark, no one had scored any points.

The two ended up on the ground with Lepri in a upside down reverse triangle. JT got him off of him, grabbed the leg, and almost dumped him on his back, but Lucas scrambled out.

Lepris got on Torres’ back, but both remained standing. Lucas dumped JT on his back, but couldn’t keep him down. Lepris stayed on his back, though, and tried to sneak in a hook to get some points, but Torres moved to his back.
The clock ran down and went into the first overtime. JT shot in and took the back. Both remained standing, but Torres worked him down and locked in a body triangle, scoring the first points of the match. JT fought for a rear naked choke. After minutes, Lucas reversed the position into guard, but couldn’t stabilize his opponent. Lepri fought to pass, but there just wasn’t enough time.


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