ADCC Results: Rubens Charles ‘Cobrinha’ Out Points AJ Agazarm To Become Three-Time ADCC Champion!

Rubens Charles ADCC Results

ADCC Results: Rubens Charles ‘Cobrinha’ is once again the ADCC Champion!

Rubens took on AJ Agazarm in the ADCC Worlds Finals in Finland.

Both men slapped each other with heavy collar ties as they fought in the clinch for a takedown. About four minutes, Cobrinha got AJ’s leg and took him down, but Agazarm got right back up. Again he took him down, but again he couldn’t keep him down.

The third time was a charm … kind of. Rubens kept AJ down, but Agazarm was on his knees, and points couldn’t be scored yet. Still, Cobrinha was in a dominant position.

AJ tried to turn out, but Rubens took his back. However, because it was in the first ten minutes of the match, no points were scored. Still Cobrinha had a body triangle locked in, and AJ looked like he was in trouble. Rubens worked for a rear naked choke and had it under the chin briefly, but Agazarm continued to fight.

AJ escaped and the two went back to standing. The ten-minute mark rolled around, meaning the competitors could now earn points. Rubens almost hit a single again, but couldn’t keep it. He didn’t give up, though, and he hit another one. This time, he kept it. Cobrinha took him down, but Agazarm stayed on his knees. AJ flipped over and got back up, but Rubens took him down and got the cradle. He didn’t get him flat, though, so no points were scored. Agazarm worked his way up and the two went off the mat.

Cobrinha held AJ down in the cradle, though. Agazarm held on to Rubens’ leg to prevent him from going to the back. It worked for a while, but right after the minute mark passed, Cobrinha passed to the back and got three points. He then unlocked his legs and locked them back in, getting another three points.

With 20 seconds left, AJ had little to no chance of winning. The clock ran out, and Rubens Charles Cobrinha was the new ADCC -66 kg Champion!


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