ADCC Results: Bia Mesquita And Gabi Garcia Both Scored Submissions To Become Champions

ADCC Result

ADCC Result: Bia Mesquita is the new ADCC 60 kg Women’s Champion.

Mesquita took on Bianca Basilio in the Finals of the ADCC Worlds 2017 in Finland.

Though their were no takedowns in the first half, this was an incredibly aggressive match. Twice the two warriors pushed and shoved their way off the mats, and Bianca almost tossed Mesquita off the mats with an uchi mata.

Mesquita tried to hit a single, but once again, the match went off the mats. Three minutes in, and still no points. Basilio dropped down for a single, then tried to lift her opponent up, but Bia stayed on her feet.

Five minutes in, and still no points. Mesquita once again hit a single and once again went off the mat before either could hit the ground. Bia got the back and briefly went to the mat, but Bianca got right back up and…you guessed it… the match once again went off the mat. Basilio was warned for fleeing.

The match started with both competitors standing and Bia on Bianca’s back. Mesquita took Basilio down, though she did not get any takedown points. However, Mesquita switched to a body triangle and earned herself three points. Mesquita flattened Bianca out and Bianca kicked wildly. She was helpless and Bia worked for a rear naked choke. Bianca finally pushed herself off the ground, but the only thing she accomplished was giving Bia a chance to lock in the RNC and force the tap.

Gabi Garcia is the new +60 kg Champion.

The match was only about a minute long. She took Talita Nogueira to the ground, who ended up in deep half. Garcia, however, got an arm, and quickly got the arm bar tap.


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