Renzo Gracie Wins ADCC Worlds Super Fight Via Negative Point

Renzo Gracie ADCC 2017
Photo/Instagram: renzograciebjj

Renzo Gracie — having just turned 50 years old — once again proved age is just a number.

Renzo took on Japan’s Senae Kikuta in the super fight at the ADCC Worlds in Finland.

The two spent the entirety of regulation fighting in the clinch and working for underhooks or a takedown. Renzo shot in for a takedown and Kikuta snapped down his opponent, but neither of them was able to advance position.  Senae was warned for passivity, but the referee did not take a point. Renzo shot it again for a takedown but Kikuta sprawled and got a front headlock. Gracie, however, escaped.

Neither of them could score any points, so the match went into overtime. It would be almost four minutes in before the match briefly went to the ground after Renzo again shot in and Senae took the fight to the ground in a front head lock. He couldn’t get Renzo’s legs, though, and Gracie escaped. Kikuta then hit an inside leg trip but couldn’t keep Renzo down to get any points.

Though Senae was able to get on Gracie’s back, he was not able to get his hooks in. As Kikuta had been penalized earlier, he ended up losing via a negative point.

Renzo technically won the match, but he insisted it was a draw in his post-fight interview.




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