ADCC Trials Winners Clay & Crelinsten Victorious In Round 1 Of Onnit Invitational

The fourth Onnit Invitational is currently underway in Austin, Texas, and round one saw plenty of explosive sub-only matches between some of the nation’s best competitors. Teen Jacob Harris started things out with a bang with what might be the fastest submission of the evening, and 16-year-old ADCC West Coast Trials winner Elisabeth Clay was victorious in her superfight as well.

Winners of the tournament divisions will move on to round two on the next step to becoming Onnit Invitational champions.


Superfights Round 1

Jacob Harris defeats Grayson Henley with a leg lock.

Elizabeth Clay defeats Kayla De Leon with a straight ankle lock.


205-lb Tournament Round 1

Patrick Miller defeats Alex Skold in round one of overtime.

Ty Orgeron defeats Vince Barbosa with a straight ankle lock

Kyle Boehm defeats Shawn Gayton with a heel hook

Tommy McCay defeats Kalei Talamoni in the first round of overtime.


135-lb Tournament Round 1

Ethan Crelinsten defeated Sheridan Moran with an armbar.

John Torres defeats Cristobal Chaves with a toehold.

Jon Calestine defeats Manuel Aguilar with an inverted heel hook.

Ricky Lule defeats Marcelo Cohen with a heel hook.


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