ADCC Veteran Livia Giles On The Importance Of Recovery For BJJ & Being Competitive After 30

Livia Giles is among the ever-growing number of elite BJJ athletes coming out of Australia. She and her husband Lachlan both competed at last year’s ADCC, and she also medaled at both the 2017 and 2018 UAEJJF Abu Dhabi World Pro Championship.

Giles is more than just a high-level competitor, though. She’s long been setting an example as one of Australia’s top-ranked BJJ athletes, helping to build up a strong and capable team at Absolute MMA with a particularly large and talented female membership. She’s also a physiotherapist and has used her knowledge in the field to help not only others with their recovery, but also herself. Now in her mid-30s, Giles is still on the mats virtually every day (often multiple times a day) and still competes against opponents who are a decade younger than her, inspiring other jiu-jitsu athletes who are hoping to still be successful in competition beyond their twenties.

If you’re interested in training with Giles, Hope Douglass, and Luiza Monteiro, the trio will be hosting a four-day women’s BJJ camp on the Gold Coast in Australia starting on Friday, April 3. Tickets are selling out fast, so check out more information about the camp and book your spot here ASAP!

We chatted with Livia at Absolute MMA St. Kilda to learn more about her perspective as an (all-natural) competitor, life-long athlete, and expert in recovery. Take a look:


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