AJ Agazarm Taps Phil Baroni By Overtime RNC At SUG 5

AJ Agazarm is walking home with a “W” next to his name after tapping The New York Badass Phil Baroni in the main event of Submission Underground 5.

We got to give it to Phil. He survived the onslaught during regulation. Afterwards, however, the The Best Eva did not look like he was in the best eva condition. Winded after the coin toss, Baroni took close to a minute before he was ready to continue the match. After getting in AJ’s rear naked choke, it only took him 21 seconds to tap. Interestingly, he didn’t even seem to try to break the hold.

After tapping, it was Baroni’s turn to try for a submission. He opted for an armbar, but he didn’t even know how to get in the correct position. AJ actually had to help him. Once Phil got in the position, though, it only took AJ seconds to roll out.

Both fighters were in good spirits after the match, though. Baroni even joked that he was the better (and better looking) wrestler. And AJ…AJ looked as happy as can be.

And why shouldn’t he with that beautiful new belt around his waist?


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