If you weren’t taking Alexander “Drago” Volkov seriously before, you had better start, because the six-foot-seven Russian just laid the smack down on former UFC Heavyweight Champion Fabricio “Vai Cavalo” Werdum.

Fabricio Werdum looked like he was going for another jumping kick, but he didn’t follow through with it. However, Vai Cavalo immediately took Drago down with a single leg, perhaps looking to even out the height disadvantage or perhaps making Volkov pay for what he said about jiu-jitsu earlier.

Werdum punched away in Volkov’s guard. Drago held on and covered up, but still ate his fair share of punches. Vai Cavalo tried to open up Alexander’s guard with a can opener, but Volkov kept those long legs of his locked.

With a minute and a half left, Alexander worked his way up and landed some huge shots on the former champion.

Volkov took Werdum down, but decided to keep the fight standing. Fabricio came in with a jumping knee, but didn’t do much damage. He followed up with another single and again took the 6’7″ Volkov to the ground. From there, he landed a few punches before the round ended.

Werdum opened up Round 2 with some high front kicks. Vai Cavalo taunted his younger opponent, challenging him to throw a leg kick. Volkov didn’t buy it.

Fabricio tried to take Volkov down for a third time, but this time Alexander worked his way up quickly.

Werdum threw another high kick, but Alexander caught it and tossed the former champion to the ground. Having no desire to go to the ground, he let his older opponent get back up.

Vai Cavalo, on the other hand, was eager to take the fight to the ground, and landed yet another single leg on Drago. Again, he fought in Alexander’s guard, and cut his younger opponent’s head open.

With thirty seconds left, Werdum moved to half guard and got a Kimura grip, but couldn’t get anything before the round ended.

Round 3 opened with another of Vai Cavalo’s jumping kicks, but again, he didn’t follow through.

Werdum pulled off a beautiful deep half guard sweep. Volkov worked his way up, but Werdum stayed on his back. Alexander shook him off, but wanted to stay standing.

Fabricio went for another deep half sweep, but couldn’t get it. The referee briefly stopped the fight over one of them having his hand in the other’s glove.

The fight started again standing. Werdum bled profusely from his eye. Still, he went in with a spinning back fist, even though he didn’t land anything.

For a third time, Werdum went for a deep half sweep, and he pulled it off for a second time. He took the back, but Volkov escaped and the two stood, even though Werdum obviously wanted to keep the fight on the ground.

Vai Cavalo went in for another single leg, but this time he wasn’t even close. He threw a high kick, but Drago tossed him over twice, refusing to go the ground.

No jumping kick for Werdum in Round 4. Fabricio did, however, go back to his deep half guard work, trying to take the back. Instead, this time, Drago was in Werdum’s guard. He hesitated, threw some punches, then stood up.

Volkov then threw some massive punches. Werdum hit the floor and Drago followed with some more punches on his downed opponent. Not seeing any signs of Vai Cavalo consciously defending himself, the referee had no choice but to stop the fight.

Winner by fourth-round knockout: Alexander “Drago” Volkov!


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