Amanda Loewen Submits UFC Fighter Felicia Spencer To Become 1st Female SUG Champion

10th Planet Portland black belt Amanda Loewen took on UFC featherweight fighter Felicia Spencer at Submission Underground 19 for the first-ever female SUG championship title in a technical match that ended with a satisfying submission for Loewen.

Spencer started things off by taking Loewen to the ground and trying to pass her guard. Loewen briefly trapped Spencer in her closed guard, and Spencer stacked Loewen against the cage. Loewen transitioned to an armbar from guard, but pressure from the cage kept her from finishing it. With just over a minute left to go, though, Loewen swept Spencer to her back. Spencer’s arm was already extended by the time her back hit the ground, and she immediately tapped out.

With the win, Loewen became the first female Submission Underground champion in their nineteen events.


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