Amanda Nunes Knocks Out Holly Holm, Remains Double Champ

Amanda Nunes has two championship belts and very little competition left in the UFC. The reigning bantam-and-featherweight champ took out contender Holly Holm at UFC 239 with a massive kick that sent Holm to the mat, solidifying Nunes as the most dominant female fighter Dana White has.

The knockout came after a few cautious opening minutes in the first round, off a jab and into Holm’s temple as Holm aimed to counter:

Some called the stoppage “too early,” while others were quick to point out Holm was dropped and unable to defend, blood on her lips. The knockout was the third consecutive dropping of a fighter on the main card, following Ben Askren and Luck Rockhold’s quick losses.

After defeating Cris Cyborg in 2018, Holm was the best answer the UFC had for “who can beat Amanda?” (Chances that she can cut down to 125 are slim.) Her current record stands at 12-4-0.


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