Jorge Masvidal Knocks Out Ben Askren In 5 Seconds, Sets UFC Record

Ben Askren was just on the wrong end of the fastest knockout in UFC history.

Jorge Masvidal delivered a flying knee to Askren in the first round of their fight at UFC 239, ending their longtime trash-talking feud as well as Askren’s undefeated record in just five seconds.

Opening with a dead sprint at Askren, Masvidal lifted himself into the air just as Askren level changed for a takedown. His right knee connected with Askren’s face, and he crumpled to the ground. Masvidal got a few arguably unnecessary hammer fists in before the ref stopped the fight.

“Thank God almighty for this journey. 16 years I’ve been on this journey.” Masvidal said in his post fight interview. He proceeded to thank his team and bemoan the fact that he couldn’t beat on Askren for the full 15 minutes.

When asked by Joe Rogan how he knew the early takedown was coming, Masvidal’s simple response was “Because he’s a bum.”

Masvidal’s record now stands at 34-13, Askren’s at 19-1 and 1 NC.


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