Anderson Silva On Tryout For 2016 Taekwondo Olympics

here is what Anderson Silva has to say about the tryout for the 2016 Taekwondo

“Guys I know that Iam completely out of form, as I haven’t trained for manny years, but I Am trying, and because of that Iam working very hard to get the rhythm back and do my best, because if I don’t do this, I will never know if I really can make it. I will train very hard like I always did and try to get a spot in the Olympics . Iam in another level, will need lots of work as the Olympic athletes are mainly super athletes , that are years ahead of everyone , but yes, I will leave my comfort zone and TRY!!! The worse that could happen is for me not to get a satisfactory result, but at least I will be sure that I tried!”


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