Andre Galvao Defeats Felipe Pena To Win His 4th Consecutive ADCC Superfight

Image Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

Andre Galvao may only be competing in ADCC superfights at this point in his career, but make no mistake — he’s still the guy to beat, if you can beat him.

This year, Galvao won his fourth consecutive ADCC superfight after a match with Felipe Pena that lasted the entire 30 minutes, overtime included. The match was pretty much what you’d expect from two competitors of their size and caliber: explosive at times, but often slow and careful. Galvao hit a takedown early in the match, but didn’t receive points for it as it was before points were being counted. Pena then spent a significant amount of time trying to sweep his opponent, but couldn’t make it happen before time ran out.

In overtime, Galvao hit another takedown, but went out of bounds in doing so. The second takedown that he hit also went out of bounds, but when the referee restarted the competitors, Galvao was on top and got the two points he needed to win the match.

Galvao is now scheduled to compete in another superfight next year, this time against 2019 Absolute Champion Gordon Ryan.


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