Andrew Wiltse Defeats PJ Barch At Who’s Number One


In the first match of the main card at Who’s Number One: Craig Jones vs. Ronaldo Junior, 10th Planet’s PJ Barch took on Andrew Wiltse in a close match that pitted Wiltse’s guard retention skills against Barch’s passing.

Wiltse wasted no time in trying for two takedowns, and when those were unsuccessful, he instead pulled guard. Barch worked on trying to knee slide past his opponent’s legs and stayed on his feet after an attempted sweep. After some more passing and retention exchanges, Wiltse pulled Barch’s leg through and attempted a heel hook, but Barch quickly escaped danger. Wiltse then used his straight ankle lock control to get to his feet, sending Barch falling backward and out of bounds.

The competitors were reset, and Wiltse resumed playing guard while Barch stayed low and close trying to pass. A scramble ensued, with Wiltse trying to grab an ankle and Barch trying to leap over his opponent’s guard, but ultimately, the competitors resumed their previous struggle. Wiltse continued to shut down Barch’s passing attempts, but struggled to find an opportunity to sweep or submit his opponent. Wiltse continued to pull Barch’s leg through his guard to control the ankle lock position, though he never managed to stay there for long.

With a little over four minutes left to go, Barch stepped inside Wiltse’s guard and dove for a leg lock. Wiltse managed to escape danger after a quick scramble, and it was back to the familiar battle of passing and retaining the guard. Barch shut down Wiltse’s attempt to reverse the position, and Wiltse tried again soon afterward by scooping up the single-leg and standing up. Barch pulled his foot away, and Wiltse again sat guard.

As the match wound down to the final minute and a half, the athletes picked up the pace, with Wiltse trying his best to sweep Barch and Barch hurriedly trying to get past Wiltse’s guard. A last-second attempt by Wiltse to trap Barch’s arm was ultimately unsuccessful, and the match went to the judges.

Andrew Wiltse was awarded the unanimous decision.


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