Geo Martinez Defeats Junny Ocasio In Rematch At Who’s Number One

Image Source: Kitt Canaria for Jiu-Jitsu Times

Geo Martinez and Junny Ocasio faced off at Who’s Number One: Craig Jones vs. Ronaldo Junior in a rematch. Though Ocasio came out ahead in their first meeting at Kasai Pro 6, it was Martinez who took home the win this time around.

Ocasio pulled guard and inverted to attack a leg, and Martinez countered with heavy stack passing attempts. Ocasio returned to the feet momentarily before returning to guard, and Martinez capitalized on a passing scramble to lock on a straight ankle lock that Ocasio was able to escape.

Ocasio then transitioned from a berimbolo to an ankle lock, forcing Martinez to get to his feet to defend. Ocasio then repeated the attack attempt, but Martinez was quick to get out of trouble. The match returned to the feet as the clock wound down from ten minutes, but Ocasio soon sat guard again while Martinez continued trying to pass. Martinez then went for a leg lock, which his opponent tried to counter with a leg lock of his own. Both were forced to disengage after a few rolls to the side.

With about five and a half minutes to go, Ocasio again inverted to open up a leg attack, which was then countered with a leg attack by Martinez. It was then Ocasio who stood up while Martinez played guard for just a moment before meeting him on his feet. Martinez used a trip to take Ocasio back to the ground, and they went out of bounds before being reset with Martinez in the top position. After some guard passing attempts, Martinez sat back for a leg lock, and Ocasio inverted for the counter with a straight ankle lock. The submission failed, and the competitors returned to their feet with two minutes left in the match before Martinez once again resumed trying to pass Ocasio’s guard.

As the last twenty seconds wound down, Ocasio latched on to Martinez’s leg, and though Martinez was able to stay out of danger, he was unable to pass or submit Ocasio before time ran out.

The judges awarded Geo Martinez the unanimous decision victory.


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