Andrew Wiltse Goes 75-0 In Match At Fuji Tournament Ahead Of Who’s Number One

2020 Pans champion Andrew Wiltse warmed up for his match at this week’s Who’s Number One: Jones vs. Ruotolo by entering the Fuji BJJ Missouri State Championships and going 75-0 in his longest match of the day.

Wiltse first won both of his no-gi matches via submission before donning a gi and going up against his friend Coty Kellison. He won his first match against Kellison in just over thirty seconds, but in their second match, Wiltse opted to go for points instead, noting that the record for the most points ever scored in a Fuji BJJ match was 75.

Wiltse had ten minutes to get the job done, and though Kellison put up an admirable fight, the Heath Pedigo black belt was able to get the 75 points he needed to tie the record.

Wiltse will have another challenge on Friday when he faces Gabriel Almeida at WNO. But regardless of what happens there, it’s safe to say that this match, too, is one he should be proud of.

Watch below:


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