Angela Magana Pressing Charges Against Cyborg

Angela Magana is pressing charges against Invicta Featherweight Champion Cris “Cyborg” after the champion busted her lip at a UFC retreat brawl.

The fight reportedly started over some of Magana’s tweets, which poked fun at Cyborg:

Words were later exchanged, tempers flared, and Cyborg threw a punch at Magana, which busted her lip and required medical attention.

Magana told her Twitter followers that even though she did not call the police on Cyborg (according to her, the UFC did), she decided to press charges after speaking with officers.

In another tweet, she reported she has lawyers contacting her:

No response yet from Cyborg’s camp on the incident.


  1. This bitch is fucking trash. She says she isn’t hurt, no big deal, but she’s going to press charges and sue??

    PUSSY. I bet she cried like a little bitch, too. Maybe she should have thought of that shit before bullying Cyborg online. HAHAHA

    Also, her leaked nudes were awful. I’d fuck Cyborg over Magana any day 10/10.

  2. yep bitch move to post pictures like that and then press charges after getting cyborg to stupid. now she is gonna lose all credibility. imagine if jon jones sued dc for hitting him with a water bottle, lol good luck with that. super weak gonna lose all fans.


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