Injury Is Not An Excuse To Stop Practicing BJJ, Here’s Why

If you do any sport long enough, you are almost certainly going to get hurt.

This rule goes for BJJ as well. Granted, the soft art is just that — a soft art that even the weakest members of our society can practice with little risk of injury — but if you grapple long enough and hard enough, you are probably going to have to take a few days off from rolling.

But does that mean you should just sit on your coach shoveling Doritos into your mouth and binge watching your favorite Netflix series?

Of course not!

As Coach Tom points out in this video, no matter how injured you are, there is always something you can practice.

So you have two broken legs? So what? Work on your grips.

Two broken arms? No excuse! Work on your leg work.

Broken neck? Okay, maybe you’re screwed in that case, but who knows? A good instructor may be able to help you find something you can do.

Check out Coach Tom’s video below to hear what he thinks you should do if you’re sidelined from BJJ due to an injury.


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